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For young professionals in their 20s and 30s

Het Groei Atelier provides coaching for managers and leaders. As a manager and leader, you have a lot on your plate. You are responsible for company targets, processes and employees. Now you represent your employer and have to deal with company politics. How you behave is more important than ever as it will determine your success and that of your team. How do you survive as a manager in this demanding playing field? How do you become a leader rather than a manager?

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Self-knowledge or self-awareness is indispensable as a manager. You can't help but bring yourself into this important role. If you try to play the role of a manager or try to emulate others, you won't get far. A powerful leader is authentic.
A leader dares to be open, honest, assertive and kind. Giving direction but flexible. You have to respond to the current situation. This requires agility as a person and a leader.
A deadline or organizational change often gives rise to resistance among employees – perhaps you even feel it too. How do you recognize this resistance and ensure that you are not sucked into it? How do you stay true to yourself and stay focused on your objectives and solutions?

Our Leadership Coaches

All our leadership coaches are professional and passionate, ensuring we deliver a high-quality experience. Meet one of our leadership coaches nearby for a free, no obligation introductory session and discover what leadership coaching can do for you.

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In four steps from your objective to concrete result

Het Groei Atelier has developed a unique coaching model. This coaching model is based on a range of theories. Work with your coach to take four steps from setting your goal to concrete results. On top of this coaching model, we use various tools with proven effectiveness.


The first step in every coaching programme is to identify your coaching goal. During your coaching sessions, we will build your self-awareness so you can gain greater insight and understanding of how you think, act and feel.


Your potential is the sum of your talents, skills and experience. It is your strength. Living and working from your strength is the path to happiness. In this phase you will also investigate what prevents you from harnessing your full potential.


Inspiration is what your heart goes for, what drives and motivates you. Living and working from inspiration gives energy. The other way around, it costs energy if you neglect your inspiration and personal drive.

Personal leadershipself

Finally, we help to increase you personal leadership: achieve real results with new insights in self-awareness, inspiration and increased potential.

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