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“I help you to create your own sensible life.”

In your twenties and thirties, a lot comes your way. Career, whether or not to buy a house, relationship, family… A cocktail of life questions and choices. Sometimes everything goes so fast that you suddenly think: is this what I want?

Around the age of thirty, the big question What do I want also came into my mind. Until then I had had several jobs, found a great partner and even bought a house. Everything seemed right. But suddenly I had an indefinable feeling. I heard myself talking to others. Stories that paint a nice ‘picture’ for the outside world. But meanwhile I wasn’t really having a good time. I felt empty.

At the same time I knew there was a dot on the horizon for me. I had ambition but I can’t put it into words. It made me intensely restless. Because what if I give in to these troubled feelings? What does that bring me? What will others think of me?

At that time, more than seven years ago, a period of profound self-examination began for me. A period in which I learned to direct my raging thoughts in the right direction, to put my feelings into words and to realize what is really important.

I said goodbye to my regular job. I have been running my own business since 2019. On my terms: working a maximum of four days a week, where and when it suits me and with people around me that make me happy. Together with my partner and two children I live on the outskirts of Nijmegen, in our dream home.

What does it look like when we start working together? We set your goals together; I am your partner in crime in achieving this. Each session we create a context in which you feel familiar, open and inspired and come to concrete action points. I have a toolbox with awareness, breathing and heart connection exercises that I use tailored to your situation.

Curious? Feel free to schedule a no-obligation meeting with me.

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Coach Femke

Coach Femke

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