Expat coaching

You made the decision! You’re going on an adventure abroad. To work and to build a new life. You are living the dream! But is moving to another country just fun?

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Specialized in coaching young professionals

Expat coaching

For young professionals in their 20s and 30s

Moving to another country is exciting and adventurous, but also a major change. You leave your home and with it all your regular habits, which you sometimes didn’t even know you had. In your new country they speak (usually) a different language, they have a different culture and different customs. This allows you to feel insecure or lonely at some point. Maybe you are homesick or you just don’t know who you are without having your family and friends around you. Tt is difficult to create such a bond with people in your new life.

The coaches of Het Groei Atelier are happy to help you deal with this beautiful, but major, life-changing event. Together we investigate how you can shape your new life in a way that suits you.

Benefits of expat coaching

  • Deal with change, stress and loss
  • Let go of old behaviour patterns en find freedom to build a new life
  • Knowing who you are, what you want en how to bring this into practice
  • Finding peace, direction and a better relations with yourself
  • You know what’s really important to you, that helps making choices that fit you
Het Groei Atelier coach model aanpak
Leaving your home country can be overwhelming. We help you create an overview and say goodbye. You prepare yourself for the big change and you will be provided with all kinds of tools to support you in this.
Support during the big stap
As soon as you have moved, we coach you in re-shaping your life that will help you to deal with all changes. We help you get used to your new country and find direction in your new life.
After the big step
You learn to give direction to your life and to get a new relationship with yourself. In addition, we coach you to find meaning helping you to continue to develop as a person. This special experience will enrich your life.

Meet our expat coaches

Our professional and driven coaches ensure that we deliver quality. Our expat coaches where once expats themselves. So they know what you are going through. We offer the possibility to meet a coach for free and without any strings attached. This way you will discover what coaching can do for you.

All of our expat coaches have

  • Completed at least 2 accredited coaching courses
  • At least three years of experience as a coach or trainer
  • Have at least five years of corporate work experience
  • Completed a higher professional education (HBO) or research university (WO) diploma

  • Drive, commitment and empathy

Coach Kristja

“Follow your heart. It sounds easy… ”

But actually, it’s not. How do you know what your heart is telling you? And how do you then shape your plans to realize your ambitions?

Linnaeushof 6, Amsterdam | Burgemeester Lambooylaan 18, Hilversum Linnaeushof 6, Amsterdam | Burgemeester Lambooylaan 18, Hilversum

Coach Marielle

My coaching style is openminded, supportive and confronting when needed, but always with warm curiosity and with respect. I am looking forward to walking with you on your journey.

Linnaeushof 6, Amsterdam. Linnaeushof 6, Amsterdam.

Coach Sietske

With great pleasure and enthusiasm I guide you in your process. My method is effective and I quickly get to the core of the matter. Loving, but confrontational if necessary, without judgment.

Van Pallandtstraat 39 sous, Arnhem | Bruijnssteeg 28, Deventer Van Pallandtstraat 39 sous, Arnhem | Bruijnssteeg 28, Deventer

Coach Marc

My personal mission is to facilitate you in your own process and in an unbiased way. I will do that by giving back what I see and hear and by going into the core of the issue with curiosity and openness.

Hillegomstraat 12, Amsterdam Hillegomstraat 12, Amsterdam

Coach Tristan

Being a coach I value curiosity and getting to the core of the matter. In our coaching sessions we’ll investigate and discuss what exactly it is that keeps your mind busy. I tend to ask many questions. And reflect on the answers.

Raamweg 4, Den Haag | Wijnhaven 36, Rotterdam Raamweg 4, Den Haag | Wijnhaven 36, Rotterdam

Take four steps from setting your goal to concrete results

Het Groei Atelier has developed a unique coaching model based on a range of theories. Work with your expat coach to take four steps from setting your goal to concrete results. On top of this coaching model, we use various tools with proven effectiveness.


The first step in every coaching programme is to identify your coaching goal. During your coaching sessions, we will build your self-awareness so you can gain greater insight and understanding of how you think, act and feel.


Your potential is the sum of your talents, skills and experience. It is your strength. Living and working from your strength is the path to happiness. In this phase you will also investigate what prevents you from harnessing your full potential.


Inspiration is what your heart goes for, what drives and motivates you. Living and working from inspiration gives energy. The other way around, it costs energy if you neglect your inspiration and personal drive.

Personal leadershipself

Finally, we help to increase you personal leadership: achieve real results with new insights in self-awareness, inspiration and increased potential.

Meet our expat coaches

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