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“Venturing into the unknown involves risks. Luckily something wonderful is also included: the risk that you will experience an incredible adventure.”

Your twenties and thirties are a period in your life filled with possibilities and choices. Maybe you also recognize that, through the life experiences you’ve already gained, you’ve developed a unique outlook on life and on health. Your unique perspective has possibly made it so that you not always feel at home in our society. You now feel a deep longing to live a life that makes you truly happy and a longing to have a positive impact on the world. Those longings and the abundance in possibilities can sometimes lead to big questions:

– How can I let my intuition be my main guide in life instead of all my thoughts and worries?

– What type of job would make me feel fulfilled and bursting with energy?

– How can I transform my worries about the state of the world into making a positive impact?

– How can I feel more connected to the people in my life?

– How can I feel less insecure?

– What next step would feel best for me regarding my love life?

– What can I do to take better care of my boundaries instead of going into people pleasing-mode?

– How can I cope with feeling so deeply and intensely?

– How can I improve my mental and physical health in a holistic way?

I coach people who are struggling with these types of topics and questions and who experience anxiety, depression or burn-out. During my sessions we work on these feelings and on how to create a life filled with:

– vibrance, adventure and happiness

– a stronger connection your body and intuition

– deeper connections with your loved ones

– self-esteem and resilience

– clarity on your next step and the momentum to take the leap

– experiencing sensitivity as a super power

– being able to heal and grow mentaly and physically in a more holistic way

What I bring to the table: a safe space to open up, enthusiasm, insightful questions, unwavering trust in your strenghts and potential (which will rub off on you!) and a sufficient amount of dry humor. You are more than welcome for an intake session at my practice or in the beautiful nature around Utrecht.

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