Expat coaching

for your employee who moved to the Netherlands or abroad

Expat coaching

For young professionals in their 20s and 30s

Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure, but also a major change. Your employee is leaving hearth and home and with that their familiar routine. In the new country they will have to adjust to a different culture and different customs and they might speak a different language. Faced with this change, your employee could feel insecure or lonely.

The coaches at Het Groei Atelier would be happy to help your employee through this beautiful, but disruptive, life-changing event. Together they will explore how to shape this new life. How your employee can feel at home again, how they can deal with loss and find new meaning in their time abroad.

The benefits of expat coaching

Het Groei Atelier coach model aanpak
Your employee will have a lot to do before leaving for their new country. We will help them to prepare for this major change and provide the tools to make the transition easier.
A big step
After the move, we will explore how your employee can reshape their life and handle the change. We will help them settle into their new country and find their way in their new life.
After the big step
Our coaching and guidance will continue for a while so your employee continues to feel supported. Your employee will learn to find direction in their new life.

Take four steps from setting your goal to concrete results

Het Groei Atelier has developed a unique coaching model. This coaching model is based on a range of theories. Work with your coach to take four steps from setting your goal to concrete results. On top of this coaching model, we use various tools with proven effectiveness.


The first step in every coaching programme is to identify your coaching goal. During your coaching sessions, we will build your self-awareness so you can gain greater insight and understanding of how you think, act and feel.


Your potential is the sum of your talents, skills and experience. It is your strength. Living and working from your strength is the path to happiness. In this phase you will also investigate what prevents you from harnessing your full potential.


Inspiration is what your heart strives for, what drives and motivates you. Living and working from inspiration energizes you. So it makes sense that neglecting your inspiration and personal drive drains you of that same energy.

Personal leadershipself

Finally, we help to increase you personal leadership: achieve real results with new insights in self-awareness, inspiration and increased potential.

Meet our expat coaches

The professional and passionate attitude of our coaches ensures that we deliver quality. Our expat coaches were once expat themselves and use this experience to coach your employees.

All our coaches have

Coach Jennifer

Conversations with me revolve around more insight into yourself, more kindness towards yourself and greater...

Wijnhaven 36, Rotterdam | Willem Ruyslaan 225, Rotterdam | Rietbaan 23, Capelle aan den IJssel Wijnhaven 36, Rotterdam | Willem Ruyslaan 225, Rotterdam | Rietbaan 23, Capelle aan den IJssel

Coach Kristja

“Follow your heart. It sounds easy… ”

But actually, it’s not. How do you know what your heart is telling...

Linnaeushof 6, Amsterdam | Burgemeester Lambooylaan 18, Hilversum Linnaeushof 6, Amsterdam | Burgemeester Lambooylaan 18, Hilversum

Coach Marielle

My coaching style is openminded, supportive and confronting when needed, but always with warm curiosity...

Linnaeushof 6, Amsterdam. Linnaeushof 6, Amsterdam.

Coach Sietske

With great pleasure and enthusiasm I guide you in your process. My method is effective and I quickly...

Van Pallandtstraat 39 sous, Arnhem | Bruijnssteeg 28, Deventer Van Pallandtstraat 39 sous, Arnhem | Bruijnssteeg 28, Deventer

Coach Marc

My personal mission is to facilitate you in your own process and in an unbiased way. I will do that by...

Hillegomstraat 12, Amsterdam Hillegomstraat 12, Amsterdam

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