Coach Marielle

“I only vibrate at a few tones”

‘I only vibrate at a few tones’, a quote from the passionate Dutch scientist Robert Dijkgraaf. This quote strongly resonates with me as it relates to the ultimate self-knowledge: understanding what you need and doing what makes you happy. At the same time, it touches upon a complex search for your individuality in a world that offers so many opportunities, opinions and stimuli.

For me, Personal Leadership is about authenticity, assurance and self-confidence, whilst being aware of what makes you thrive and keeps you inspired. Happiness, work-life balance, dealing with loss, self-confidence, feeling rewarded, personal growth: it requires authentic living and personal leadership. Sometimes it also requires courage and freedom to walk your own path, especially when it goes against the flow. I strongly believe one doesn’t always need to have a clear vision of where to go next – it’s the ability to listen to your inner wisdom and intrinsic longings that will provide guidance on your path in achieving your goals.

As a coach I work at the interface where inner knowledge and action meet to achieve mental, social, emotional and spiritual well-being. I have a broad international experience, having lived and worked alternately in the NL and abroad (UK, Switzerland, NY and Paris). My coaching style is openminded, supportive and confronting when needed, but always with warm curiosity and with respect. I am looking forward to walking with you on your journey.

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Marielle van Kesteren was very involved and asked the right questions so that I could finally make my own choice. It also contributed to my career confidence.

Maaike Amsterdam

What I really liked about Marielle is her open and personal attitude during conversations. Of course she is professional in her role as a coach, but I never had the feeling that I was talking to an 'aid worker' but just a person and that made it easy for me to be open. I also never felt that I had to answer socially desirable, but that I could just say what I thought / felt without having to be afraid of being convicted. Furthermore, Marielle is a good listener and she often comes back to things that were discussed during previous conversations, which makes her really pay attention to the situation. What she is also good at is to sense when things get stuck. She keeps asking, but the moment I really didn't know what to answer, she was able to switch over and park the situation for a while. I also really liked that because you don't feel like being pushed into a corner and only have to answer something.

Marieke Amsterdam

I experienced the coaching conversations with Marielle as very positive. She has given me many new insights, both personally and professionally. I admire her ability to be without an organ and at the same time hold up a mirror to me. It gave me the space to be fully myself and from there to work confidently on the goals set.

Birthe Amsterdam

I really benefited from my coaching process. I came in with a career question that I think is very typical for the 20s and 30s of today (what do I want, I am on the right path, how do I find out what I want and can do). I left with a lot of insights, especially in the things that hinder me in my work (but also private) to be happy and satisfied. I also found the peace to accept that I am who I am, including a number of qualities that I often thought 'why do I have that anyway'. I found out that the uncertainties and doubts I have are separate from my career path, but are in my person / character. With that, the career question has completely disappeared and I started working on (and still working on) these uncertainties. I also try to adjust my current work and any future jobs in such a way that I find the skills that I like.

Neeltje Amsterdam