Our Rates

We charge €165 (ex. VAT) per hour for coaching. You can book single sessions or 4, 6 or 8 session programmes. Each session last approximately 1.5 hours.

How we work

Introduction & Goal Setting

At the beginning of the coaching, we determine what your employee wants to achieve with the coaching. We define the goal to be achieved and make a non-binding proposal for one of our business programmes.

Insight & Self-Awareness

During the coaching programme we work on increasing your self-awareness, so that your employee gains more insight and understanding of characteristics, talents, motives, skills, obstacles and challenges.


We will help your employee to develop their self-leadership and achieve real results. Here we help them to make a plan, identify concrete actions and overcome challenges with confidence.

Review & Evaluation

Once the coaching programme ends, the real challenge begins: putting what’s been learnt into practice.

Let's meet

Would you like to meet a coach in your area?

Het Groei Atelier has coaches in all major cities in the Netherlands. Look at the map for adresses of our coaching locations.