for your employees who want to refocus or take the next step in their career

Career coaching

For young professionals in their 20s and 30s

Het Groei Atelier will help your employees to take on responsibility, be proactive and improve their performance. We do this by working through the causes of your employees’ behaviour, which means there’s a good chance that their behaviour will change permanently after coaching.

Does this sound like you?

Employee Development

Personal coaching

Your employee will benefit from personal coaching by one of our career coaches, enabling them to discover their professional potential. Coaching will give them insight into their strengths and areas for improvement, in relation both to personal qualities and skills. Through the coaching process, we will coach your employee to achieve their personal development goals.

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Career Guidance

We help redefining your employee's career

Your employee will benefit from personal coaching by one of our career coaches. They will gain insight into who they are, what they want and what they can do. With this insight, they can work with their coach to identify the right career moves for their specific situation. At the end of the career coaching journey your employee will have a clear vision of their career path and a step-by-step action plan for their future career development.

Outplacement Support

To find and get a new job

We believe that in this difficult situation it is better to take some time out, make a plan and only then start applying for jobs. Our coaches will guide your employee through the outplacement process, helping them to identify their next career move and start applying for jobs. An important aspect of our outplacement programme is stress management. We can tailor the outplacement process to your needs.

In four steps from your objective to concrete result

Het Groei Atelier has developed a unique coaching model. This coaching model is based on a range of theories. Work with your coach to take four steps from setting your goal to concrete results. On top of this coaching model, we use various tools with proven effectiveness.


The first step in every coaching programme is to identify your coaching goal. During your coaching sessions, we will build your self-awareness so you can gain greater insight and understanding of how you think, act and feel.


Your potential is the sum of your talents, skills and experience. It is your strength. Living and working from your strength is the path to happiness. In this phase you will also investigate what prevents you from harnessing your full potential.


Inspiration is what your heart strives for, what drives and motivates you. Living and working from inspiration energizes you. So it makes sense that neglecting your inspiration and personal drive drains you of that same energy.

Personal leadershipself

Finally, we help to increase you personal leadership: achieve real results with new insights in self-awareness, inspiration and increased potential.

Let's meet

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Het Groei Atelier has coaches in all major cities in the Netherlands. Look at the map for adresses of our coaching locations.