Coach Kristja

“Follow your heart. It sounds easy…”

But actually, it’s not. How do you know what your heart is telling you? And how do you then shape your plans to realize your ambitions? It’s like an artist starting on a new canvas. Or a writer approaching his blank pages. Anything can emerge. The possibilities are endless. That is exciting. And magical. But it can also be overwhelming, stressful, scary, and even quite terrifying. 

Following through on what is right for you requires a thorough understanding of your dreams, your talents, and skills as well as what holds you back. It might even require a new way of looking at your beliefs. You will need fresh ideas, courage, and confidence. My coaching is geared towards helping you find these within yourself. To do so I combine my intuition and creativity with a practical and results-oriented approach.
After more than ten years in business, I longed to follow my heart. As a coach, I now enjoy facilitating personal processes and growth. It makes my heart beat faster. I’m curious about what you are to discover and where your next steps might take you.

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STIR coaching Groei Atelier

Kristja has helped me a lot in clarifying my thoughts: what characterizes me, what do I stand for, what gives meaning to my life, what stops me, what are my insecurities? I think she is very good at structuring thoughts and putting them down on paper. Her drawings and diagrams allow you to see your own thinking steps, which is very enlightening.

Eva Amsterdam

The four sessions with Kristja have brought me a lot. Kristja knows how to ask the right questions, so I heard myself pronounce things that were so obvious, but that I never thought of myself ... The sessions were enlightening and I always went home with a positive feeling. I have learned a lot and, not unimportantly, also made steps.

Eveleen Amsterdam

Good coach, nice conversation areas. Kristja is a very pleasant coach, she knows how to offer the right handles and feels good what you need in a conversation. So it is not a fixed plan but is applied every time to your needs.

Vera Rotterdam