Coach Sietske

“Be master and designer of yourself!”

In your twenties and thirties you run into some tough life questions. Which work really suits me? Am I doing this because I really want to or because I feel I should? Do I want a relationship and children or would I rather enjoy my single life and make a career? Do I want to buy a house or go on a world trip? And who am I and what makes me really happy? Questions to which you do not always immediately know the answer and where it is sometimes nice if someone else looks with you. It often requires looking a little deeper inside and seeing what stagnates and what moves you. I would like to take a look at where your blockades are and how you can convert them into a new, clear goal!
As a thirty-something I know better than anyone what it is like to deal with these kinds of questions. How frustrating it is when all these big questions suddenly come to you all at once and you no longer see the forest through the trees. Fortunately, I also experience how great the opportunity lies in these questions. How these problems ask you to turn in and get the best out of yourself. How nice it is to do work that makes you completely happy and can make choices that you support!
With great pleasure and enthusiasm I guide you in this process. My method is effective and I quickly get to the core of the matter. Loving, but confrontational if necessary, without judgment. I would like to teach you how to feel for yourself what really suits you. How you can direct your life and take the helm. So that you gain more confidence and can organize your life with things that are really important to you!

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I was stuck in a job I didn't like and felt I had to do something else, just had no idea where to start. The sessions with Sietske have helped me enormously, she has taught me to listen to my own feelings again and to make decisions.

Sharona Utrecht

Sietske helped me in 6 sessions to find more peace in my work and she also gave me more insight into what really suits me. I experienced the conversations as very nice, felt welcome and at home with Sietske.

Monique Utrecht

I am very satisfied with the coaching programme. The emphasis was on awareness of my authentic needs and goals. The attention to better expressing this in my daily (work) practice and in the future. The result then came (almost) automatically

Matthijs Amsterdam