Coach Karolien

What makes you who you are and what is important to you?

Who am I as a person and what suits me? These are questions I have asked myself regularly throughout my career. I am now convinced that it is very important to find work that matches your personality. For example, as an introvert you should not sit in a busy office garden and if you like innovation, it is better to stay away from an environment with a lot of rules.

But how do you find out who you are and what suits you? As a coach I can help you with that and I have several tools in my backpack for that. Because here too the following applies: no person is the same and so the approach is different for each person. If we start working together, we will first look at your unique building blocks together. What makes you who you are and what is important to you? Based on that, we start sketching. What picture of the future unfolds when we zoom in?

People describe me as a coach as a combination of head and heart. I think it’s important that you understand things, but also that you feel them. I can sometimes mirror or even confront. Ultimately, it is all focused on one and the same goal: to get you moving again, so that you can realize your dream for the future.

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