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Be the best version of yourself! Yes, that's nice, but... how?!

It’s so easy to say: “Don’t regret the things you’ve done.” “Make sure you are satisfied with the life you lead.” “Be good to yourself and to others.” Do you also receive this or other heartfelt advice from your environment and do you sometimes think ‘Yes, but how!?’

Is everything not so clear at the moment and are you doing your daily work and things, but your goal is not completely clear? Or do you ask yourself how do I deal with disappointment when things don’t turn out as you had planned? And what’s in the way? Do you also hope that your armored, professional personality will not hurt you at work and perhaps also in your private life? And does it happen to you that where your heart lies, privately or at work, your heart is touched or even broken?

At that moment you no longer know how to get from here to there without crossing those thresholds that are unknown and difficult or even frightening? What does that do to you? Do you ask for help or reconsider? Do you recognize this? I will help you find what drives you and what challenges you face, whether it is business or private.

After years of working in managerial positions in the retail industry, I decided to take the route of advice and coaching. In addition to a thorough coaching training, I bring my business experience and personal development into coaching. This allows me to look openly at everyone’s experience and issues. I inspire and invite you to look at yourself and discover how your path may have deviated without you realizing it and how you can make your path coincide more with the path you would really like to take.

In the conversations with you, I bring my openness, empathy, curiosity and calmness to the questions I ask you. My coaching method is with the necessary questions and depth and also with a business and practical view and a healthy dose of intuition and humor. This translates into the question: “How?”. There is a method, reason or solution to continue or shift your desired path.

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Education & training

I had 4 sessions in which I had many questions about myself and my insecurities. We did exercises with this that made it enlightening and 'real'. It was very practical and certainly room for feeling. I got a lot out of it.

Maaike Jager Hilversum