Coach Nicole

“Every change starts with yourself”

What would happen if you stopped dabbling, forcing and controlling? What if you experienced more rest or a greater sense of well-being? And from now on could make choices based on inspiration and trust? Do you long for more enjoyment, a better relationship with your loved ones, more job satisfaction or better health? I know from experience that if you allow yourself to look deeper and see what stagnates, a sea of ​​opportunities and inner potential becomes visible.

As a 20s and 30s, you run into challenging issues and at certain moments they seem to control our lives. Sometimes it is something as simple as the feeling that there must be something more. Or maybe it is more complex and you feel overwhelmed by life, you have to do everything about yourself and you are not sure who you really are or what you really want.

I would like to guide you in a step-by-step process to get to know yourself even better, to deal with old blocks and to give direction to your own (work) life. In a safe environment space is given to the head, heart, body and soul, so that besides awareness there is also lasting change. The result: personal and professional growth.

I coach lightly and lovingly, confronting where necessary and without judgment. I would like to travel with you in finding your own answers. And making choices that are true to the most important thing, yourself.

I am also happy to help you with Burnout prevention and recovery. You get to know and let go of the deeper causes of physical, emotional and mental overload, so that you feel stronger, feel more at home with yourself and take control of your own life.

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I experienced the coaching by Nicole as very pleasant. Firstly by the click; I could be open without worrying about what Nicole would think. She was clearly "on my side" and never had a judgment about what I said. That made it very easy for me to be open and that certainly contributed to my development and gaining insights. I also liked the fact that Nicole looked at what was needed or where I stood per session. Not a standard program, but really tailored to me. Very nice! The beautiful location and the possibility to be outside has certainly helped. I can really say that my coaching question has been answered and I am very motivated to continue! Thank you Nicole!

Carlijn Den Bosch

It was possible to discuss all kinds of topics, without worrying about following a fixed pattern. The candid and easy conversations, pleasant manners and a great location. The sessions were not limited by time. We often went a little longer, which gave me a pleasant feeling.

Joren Utrecht

The approach that is really tailored or at least seems to be. In addition, the free character so that the approach to a session is not fixed in advance, but is viewed per sessio

Ruben Den Bosch

The sessions with Nicole have helped me a lot. I was dealing with a number of things before I started coaching and I now know how to deal with it a little better. Nicole often knew how to hit the string where my pain points were, I have always been able to say exactly what was going on, what I felt, where my pain points were. It was always open sessions, where I felt comfortable making talking easier. I am very happy with the outcome of all sessions and therefore I am very grateful to Nicole!

Leonie Den Bosch