Coach Ginger

“My passion is to guide you to become 'Your Best Self' ”

A conversation with an independent coach, based on an equal one-to-one relationship, can lead to new and refreshing insights. Who am I, what do I really want, what makes me happy, what is my self-image and image, what are my talents, how do I find my dream job or how do I (again) empower myself. These are examples of questions we can get started with.

As a counselor I want to contribute to more “Balance and Happiness”. By gaining insights and stimulating development, so that you can be “Happy and Your Best Self”.

Creating a safe learning environment and a tailor-made process – with a clearly formulated challenge – are part of my approach. I consider it natural to connect with the needs, enter into a dialogue and be an OEN – Open, Honest and Curious. We will work in a result-oriented manner, but we will consider the development challenge broadly and integrally.

I like to connect people and believe in the power of Communities (CoP).
You are part of various systems with the associated dynamics. The organization in which you operate is an example of this.

I believe in the power of self-development and coaching in particular is a wonderful instrument for this. Keywords are mine; eternal curiosity, enjoy diversity and dynamism, result-oriented, open minded, sensitive and strive for work-life balance. I will support you, learn-learn, give insights and hold up a mirror all this to support your development and become who you are!
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Ginger showed me the possibilities instead of the barriers. Ginger has been a role model for me, which has helped me a lot.

Kyrsten Jongenotter Den Haag

Ginger is a very pleasant conversation partner! It was a worthwhile journey and I made important choices and decisions that I had been walking around for a while

Femke Den Haag

Ginger helped me quickly analyze the problem and hold up the mirror. This has given me more insight into what is preventing me from achieving my goals and I have taken steps to achieve these goals.

Bram Den Haag